Disinfecting Service

Disinfecting Service

We offer thorough disinfecting services here in beautiful in Florida. It is our hope that we can provide a price point that is within reach of the largest amount of people in our community. Our aim is to bring disinfecting services within the reach of the average property manager, realtor, or landlord.


Even though we are making disinfecting services affordable, you can be sure that the services we offer are thorough and of high value. Our professional disinfecting techs do their work by employing top industry standards and using only the highest quality CDC and EPA approved all natural products.

What You Can Expect From Our Disinfecting Service: 

Our cleaning tech will perform a quick walk through of the property in order asses the most efficient way to complete the service. Once this is accomplished they will do a light dusting and decluttering. Then they will ensure that exposed food products as well as small pet cages and aquariums are identified and protected in an appropriate manner.

From this point the cleaning tech will perform a topical cleaning. This includes making the dusting and light decluttering. Then your cleaning tech will put on a hazmat suit and use specialized equipment to apply a hospital grade disinfectant throughout the interior of the property.

Our techs wear a hazmat suit and respiratory filtered mask in order to minimize their exposure to the disinfectant throughout their day. The disinfectant is non-toxic. However, too much of a good thing can end up being bad. At the moment of application particulates dispersed into the air can have an irritating effect on the respiratory system. For this reason our techs wear a filtered masks. The hazmat suit protects the cleaning tech from getting too much exposure to the disinfectant throughout the day.

This being the case, we recommend that all inhabitants as well as uncaged pets are removed from areas during the application process. If there are any areas that are inhabited by someone that cannot leave the are then no particulate dispersion will be applied to that area. Only a traditional disinfectant wipe down service will be applied.

The average time for the particulates to settle is about 20 minutes. After the settling time has elapsed disinfected areas can are once again accessible to all inhabitants. At this point the cleaning tech will wipe down all the necessary surfaces to ensure that the disinfecting treatment is applied evenly across all surfaces. They will continue to wear a respirator and a hazmat suit in order to ensure that they do not inadvertently recontaminate the area. At this point carpeted floors are vacuumed and hard floors are mopped.

Now you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your home is not only clean but that it has also been thoroughly disinfected. We invite you to give our disinfecting service a try. There are never any contracts since we believe that client loyalty should be 100% voluntary and not coerced in any manner. We think that you will agree that Armstrong Cleaning and Disinfecting Services is a better value than all other house cleaning services in the Sarasota and Manatee County area.

We look forward to serving you!

Our Disinfecting Service Includes:

  • Disinfection mopping
  • Electrostatic Disinfecting Spraying
  • Wash interior windows and patio doors
  • CDC & EPA-Registered Disinfectant Chemicals
  • EPA and CDC Approved Disinfectant Chemicals
  • Hospital Grade Forensic Disinfection Of High Touch Surfaces
  • Clean/sanitize bathrooms, toilets, sink, showers and bathtubs
  • Clean/sanitize kitchen counters, sinks, faucets & backsplashes

We use Ultra Low Volume (ULV) fogging machines that deliver atomized disinfectant onto large volumes of air at low pressure that are dispersed into the atmosphere as well as surfaces that may be contaminated with deadly viruses.

The chemicals and delivery methods that we use provide a broad spectrum of bacterial, fungal, and viral kill that eliminate 99.9% of diseases such as Human Coronavirus (Covid-19), H1-N1, and Ebola, just to name a few that may reside both in the air and on surfaces.

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