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We offer four types of cleaning services. Get an estimate for the one that is right for you.

Looking For The Best Home And Commercial Cleaning and Disinfecting Services? We Have the Resources, Scope, and Experience to Clean and Disinfect your House, Workplace, Gym, or Facility. Select the service you want here. We look forward to serving you!

Residential Property Disinfecting

We offer the most affordable home disinfecting services in Florida. However, you can be sure that the service we offer is thorough and of high value. Our professional cleaning and disinfection techs will do their work employing top industry standards.

Residential Property Cleaning

Your employees are the lifeline of your company or organization. They deserve to work in a safe environment. Our techs arrive at your premises with the knowledge and tools to be as efficient and thorough as possible to disinfect your office space. Whether you employ a small crew or a large number of employees make sure to consider them so that you can keep them safe and healthy!

Commercial Property Cleaning

Our disinfecting teams are trained in the area of disinfecting the variety of facilities that such as houses of worship, warehouses, auditoriums, restaurants, and retail spaces. Our teams have expertise in disinfecting the wide variety of types of spaces that make up most large facilities. From the sanctuary or main meeting rooms to offices and classrooms as well as kitchens and all other types of rooms that make up a worship facility. Although we offer affordable services to faith based organizations you can be sure that the service that we offer is thorough and of high value and our professional…

Commercial Property Disinfecting

Our gymnasium disinfecting service is focused on ensuring that your athletic facility is treated so that it is free from contagious viruses and bacteria that can easily be transmitted as a result of the pedestrian nature of internal workout spaces. We employ UVC light treatment and hospital grade disinfecting agents throughout your facility as well as hand wipe commonly shared equipment surfaces.